Monday, June 20, 2011

Beretta spring airsoft pistol M997 UK ARMS

So today I am going to review on of the cheapest airsofts on the market, a UK Arms M997.

First, as always, the facts:

  • Push button clip release holds 8 BB's 

  • Includes 10 pc. 6mm BB's 

  • Length: 6" 

  • Shoots at 95 FPS with .12g BB's

  • Because of the price, quality of these guns ranges from one to another.  But of all the cheap pistols I've seen, these typically have the best quality control.  That being said insist that your online retailer tests the gun before he or she ships it.  The wholesaler often sells broken guns to it's retailers and expects them to cover the cost, or sell the broken guns.  Although I do not sell guns I know to be broken, I'm sure its happened to a number of unsuspecting ebay buyers.

    The gun itself is pretty good for a cheap gun.  I've had mine for a few weeks and it hasn't broken.  I take very good care of my guns though...  These are more durable than the other 95 fps guns on the market, I say that from experience of other guns which broke during normal use.

    Styling is cool if you like the berretta, and the trigger guard is big enough for my chubby fingers, which is unusual in this price tag.

    Performance is to be expected.  Good indoor gun, wont break your stuff and doesn't hurt too bad.  That being said it is too under powered to fire .2g bbs with any distance.  If you want to shoot outdoors, i recomend a more powerful gun.  

    This gun typically retails for 7 or 8 dollars, but can be found cheaper online:



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