Saturday, June 25, 2011

AK47 black sniper rifle with scope and bi-pod by AKing

Today I'm going to review a popular low cost AK47 spring rifle.


  • Push button clip release holds 50 BB's 

  • Includes: 20-pc. 6mm BB's

  • scope

  • bipod 

  • Length 30" 

  • Shoots at 275 FPS with .12g BB's

  • The gun comes completely disassembled, but is very easy to assemble.  This is part of why it is so cheap.  The gun's quality is easily comparable to some more expensive rifles.  It has a sort of rough finish, but the spring is powerful and the construction is durable.  The scope is just for show but makes an effective peep sight.  It is also about half the size of a real AK, which makes it perfect for younger kids.  Powerful enough to shoot .2g bbs effectively, it makes a decent outdoor weapon as well.

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