Saturday, July 16, 2011

Schmeisser STG44 AEG

This is a change of pace for me.  This is not a gun that I sell but a gun that I own.

The rate of fire is very high, and the power is between 400-450 fps with .2 g bbs.

It is metal with a wood stock.

The high cap mag functions very well and holds upwards of 500 bbs.

The quality is excellent and the historical accuracy is great.  Detail is good and the weight is close to the original weapon at 9 pounds.

Expect to pay over 300 dollars new for this gun.  When I start carrying it expect to pay less.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Metal 1911 G13 Spring Airsoft Hand Gun

The Facts:


  • Push button clip release holds 15 BB’s 

  • Full 1:1 size metal construction gun is weighted for a realistic feel 

  • Includes: 20-pc. 6mm BB's 

  • Length: 8.5"

  • Shoots at 350 FPS with .12g BB’s 

  • This gun is exceptionally good quality.  The gun is very heavy and shoots very well.  It is super powerful and accurate, and can work well indoors or outdoors.  The gun is full size and feels similar to the real 1911 when held.

    The only bad thing about it is that the hammer is fixed and does not move, however this is not really a problem in my opinion.


    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    M82 AEG Sig 556

    So today I'm going to review a budget AEG thats a Sig 552:
    Double Eagle


  • Push button clip release holds 20 BB's 

  • Heavyweight metal alloy core construction with durable plastic housing 

  • Switch for selecting between semi-automatic and full-automatic 

  • Features an adjustable hop-up for more accurate firing 

  • Foldable stock for easy transport 

  • Includes 30-pc. 6mm BB's, 

  • 7.2v Ni-cd batter w/DC charger 

  • goggles, 

  • electronic scope, 

  • silencer barrel

  • shoulder strap 

  • Length: 34.5"

  • Shoots at 160 FPS with .12g BB's

  • Very comfortable gun to wield, the sig ergonomics transferred with the design.  With the stock folded and the silencer removed the gun is very compact and easy to handle.  Great for CQB, or for ambushing your kid siblings.

    The laser scope is actually much better than expected.  It holds its position for a long time.  Its also very bright which is perfect for dark or bright environments and quick and easy target acquisition.

    Power is just enough to be effective but will not break your skin or windows.

    Accuracy is good indoors, but wind can carry the bbs outdoors.  As always use .2g bbs to increase accuracy and reliability.